Reply To: Falling asleep

Brian Tucker

    Thank you for the suggestions guys…

    Paul, I haven't been running Quantum Turbo or PSTEC Positive lately. I have been mostly focusing on Belief Blasters with some CT/EEF/2015 tracks thrown in here and there.

    I'm gonna follow your advice and layer in these statements. I assume it would be best to use PQT?

    PQT is WAY powerful, however…I do use the other positive tracks from time to time (they still absolutely work wonders) because I really like the ability to imagine and feel a different outcome for a specific problem.

    e.g. “It's absolutely safe to completely let go of my feelings about/for _____ now” so for instance a bully incident. I can imagine the bully apologizing me, I accept and forgive them, we are now friends, we go ride bikes together, play basketball together and laugh about it. Then usually about 2-3 days later I notice here come all the bad feelings (once the suggestion really sets in) and I just CT them away. Often times it's upset, hurt or grief. Problem gone.