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Hugo Frutos

    Hi Brian! thanks for the powerful post.

    I've only worked with the “I'm absolutely enough exactly as I already am now” statement for the last 2 days and last night I had an empowering dream for the first time in years.

    I usually have dreams twice or 3 times a week where I'm either chasing someone and can't find him/her or somebody is chasing me and I can't get rid of him/her; or I have to punch someone and I punch like a baby where I'm using full force but it’s not doing anything to the person or thing I'm fighting with.

    On the contrary, last night I had a dream where I was giving a lecture to a small group of 8 to 10 people and the message I was telling them was that they just need to try and go for the things they want to do, do not see that as a possibility of failure but something they're just testing out of curiosity. I gave the example that when I was 12 years old and discover the guitar, I didn't think anything of it. I just thought that I liked how it sounded and I went ahead and started practicing. I didn't know that today I would love it the way I do, and I never expected to be at the level I am today. I just did it.

    When I finished saying that, I looked to the left and I noticed that a very popular guy in the U.S. that I respect and admire, named Gary Vee, was doing a Facebook live for his huge audience of my speech. When I realized what he was doing, he told me: “Hey, sorry man”, jokingly, and told me that he had to do it because my content was good. After that, I looked at my phone and so many people had sent requests to connect on social media.

    Of course, I woke up super pumped and excited but after the initial excitement, I started thinking that that's too much and that I didn't deserve such a thing, (to hang out and be at the level of this successful entrepreneur), and that I was scared that trolls would flood my website with negative comments.

    I've been wanting to create an online business (coaching practice) like this for Spanish speaking people but I struggle with the issues of worthiness and deservedness.

    The issue is that to me, deservedness is a stronger concept than worthiness even though I understand logically that it's probably the opposite.

    So, could you please help me create a powerful suggestion like to install it right after I finish with the “I'm absolutely worthy enough exactly as I already am now”

    The reason I think that installing a belief like that would help is that, in my perspective, deserving entails that success is just there for the grabs; for whoever does what it takes to be successful. Pure merit. Almost as a mathematical formula. For example, if you do X you would get Y. Success does not discriminate. If you are world class at what you do, you would get the results and be successful. So, it doesn't have to do with identity.

    If that's the case, (and I'm open to being wrong) then I wouldn't feel like I couldn't be at the level of successful people like Gary Vee or Mr. Tim. I would see them as people that did what it took, and they are there because of that. Not because they're first class people and I'm second class or that there is anything inherently wrong with who I am, and so therefore I don't deserve trying to climb.

    Then again, as I write this, I think that maybe the reason they're successful or are at the top of the competence hierarchy in their fields is that they believed themselves to be worthy first and therefore, they did the right things that needed to be done in order to achieve. The idea that came to my mind was “I am therefore I do”.

    Maybe I'm wrong/confused here, so your perspective on this will be greatly appreciated too.

    I tried to come up with a couple of suggestions, but this is the best one I got:

    “I absolutely deserve anything I work for now”

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks a lot!