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Paul McCabe
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    Hi M,

    Thanks for posting. Great questions.

    Just to add to Brian and Tomas' posts, it may be useful to think that putting the belief into the past tense is a deliberate mechanism. There are so many psychological principles interwoven into Belief Blasters.

    You are effectively making the belief part of your past, so it no longer impacts your present and future.

    The past was five minutes ago, five months ago and, quite literally, five seconds ago.

    All your belief “evidence” will be based on past events and memories, and these will help produce future expectations. Simply use that “evidence” while trying hard to believe the belief.

    So, “cute women were never single” creates “cute women are never single”, and tomorrow is a new day  ;)

    You can dig into those beliefs even further, by the way. One way is to pretend that “cute women are never single” is the absolute truth, get annoyed about it and CT away the emotion.

    What if someone you found cute WAS single?

    Do any feelings or other beliefs seem to limit your actions?

    What would it mean about you, life and relationships if cute women were never single?

    Think about this in terms of “being rejected, “being vulnerable” and “being thought less of.”

    If it helps, Tim has said you can use “has/have been” instead of “was/were.” Maybe the phrasing will make the sentence more palatable for you, as it has more of a “continuous” quality to it.

    Please keep us updated, M.

    All the best,

    Paul  :D

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