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    I took a break from the forum and only now discovered your reply.  Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my question!

    Regarding my “Cute girls are never single” belief specifically, your comments made me realize that there's a small constellation of beliefs surrounding and hypertrophying this one. 

    Your comment:

    “You can dig into those beliefs even further, by the way. One way is to pretend that “cute women are never single” is the absolute truth, get annoyed about it and CT away the emotion.”

    What if someone you found cute WAS single?

    Do any feelings or other beliefs seem to limit your actions?

    What would it mean about you, life and relationships if cute women were never single?

    Think about this in terms of “being rejected, “being vulnerable” and “being thought less of.”

    Really hit me hard.  I feel this is the best way to tackle the belief, which is more than just a simple belief to blast away.  It's a compound belief that's metastasized into an absolute, unbreakable paradigm for me now. 

    Ok, feeling the overwhelm and the “it's impossible to change this” charge in my gut. 

    I will start with ClickTracking some of the peripheral emotions that come up like you mentioned.

    Oh boy. 

    I have more questions about tackling the evidence but I will do some work on the beliefs before I ask any more.  I'm very in my head about this and it's probably just a delaying tactic to keep me from facing these monsters.

    Thanks again for your thoughtful comment, Paul.  It has started the ball rolling for me.  I will drop back in and report on my progress.