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Brian Tucker

    Adding to Paul's comments. It will be beneficial to CT all the experiences of your mother being controlling to you. Also her punishing you for not complying and finally CT all feelings of her extreme domination and also her demandingness. Get these to a 0.

    Also you will want to CT the feelings and also Belief Blast I am out of control, I have no control.

    Good PQT statements can be

    I'm absolutely in complete control from now on I'm totally safe now
    Everything is completely under control now I'm absolutely ok now
    I'm completely in control of my life from now on

    A similar belief to CT and Belief Blast would be “I'm not safe” because it also ties to the need to control to feel safe. Might also do the same with “control kept me safe” if that resonates with you.

    Similar PQT suggestions can be used afterwards.

    I'm completely in control now that everything is absolutely safe
    No matter what happens from now on I'm absolutely safe now
    I thought control kept me safe but I was absolutely wrong now