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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Truman,

    Thanks for your post.

    There is no question that different parenting styles can have a huge impact on how we perceive ourselves, other people and the world.

    To that end, every single fear we experience is perfectly rational to our subconscious mind.

    It all makes sense and the subconscious is just trying to help us. It is all part of a big pattern. We have so many patterns. Some work well for us (in that we feel good), while others do not (“bad feelings”, “unwanted behaviours” etc)

    So, with this in mind, what beliefs seem to support the feelings and behaviours of being abandoned?

    Really think this through and consider the core beliefs that contribute to the pattern.

    “What would I have to believe about myself, relationships and people to feel and behave this way?”

    There may well be beliefs like “I'm not OK”, “I'm not safe in this world”, “Relationships are scary”, “I'm alone”, “I'll be abandoned”, “Nobody loves the real me”, “I have to hide the real me to be accepted”, “Love is conditional”,  “Love is easily withdrawn”, “If I don't do it right, I'll be rejected” and “I am worthless”

    If any of those resonate, I recommend blasting them with the 18 minute Belief Blaster. Really, really try to believe them while blasting them.

    For each belief you eliminate, I'd recommend layering in (with PQT) some suggestions around personal safety and empowerment.

    You're a pro, so I'm sure you've some great ideas about the right type of suggestions for you.

    Take out the beliefs that no longer serve you, layer in suggestions of change and how you wish to feel/act…and let the reprogramming embed. There really are no limits here.

    Please keep us updated, Truman.

    All the best,

    Paul  :D

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