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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Kay,

    Thanks for posting and for sharing your story and great vibes.

    There are so many modalities, methodologies and approaches that it can be a little dizzying.

    I am sure there are many ways to get rid of the causes of the blushing – hypnotic approaches and getting at this at the core belief level would probably be the most effective and efficient way to do this. You will benefit more from “inside out”, rather than “outside in” approaches, I would contend.

    There are pills, potions and all sorts of interventions that can lessen or even eliminate blushing in some people… apparently. However, if it is not a medical cause, the medical solution will probably not be necessary.

    There is no “one right way”, per se, and the approach you take can be highly effective for you. Yet someone else may need to take a different approach. Horses for courses  :)

    Acceptance is just one way, and it does help some people. It stops this need to push, pull, fight, deny etc and then the behaviour or physiological effect, once accepted, CAN go away on its own. It can certainly take the heat away, as resistance can lead to issues persisting in some cases.

    Other people set out to “obliterate/annihilate/wipe out the blushing” and that can help too. It depends on the person and what is right for them, and there is always a way.

    You can see the blushing as something that is sending you a message. So, instead of seeing it as the problem, consider it as the solution to another problem or part of a pattern.

    What is the pattern?

    When do you tend to blush and how do you feel about yourself when you do blush?

    You can test out the suggestion you referenced and see what affect it has. You will have a better idea when you do that, of course.

    Also CT any feelings of embarrassment and shame down to 0. That may take a little while, so target that systematically. Look at historical times where you felt ashamed or that you were being targeted, teased, picked on or humiliated.

    You can also CT while imagining you will blush and what people will say, think or do if you did.

    I think your instincts are spot on here, by the way, as belief work has HUGE benefits and can collapse the whole pattern.

    Hitting it at the belief level, if you have Belief Blasters or PSTEC Negative, you may wish to see if you hold any of the following beliefs:

    – “I'm not safe”
    – “There's something wrong with me”
    – “I'm not good enough”
    – “I'm not OK”
    – “I'm helpless”
    – “I'm not fixable”
    – “It's dangerous for people to focus on me”
    – “i'm weird”
    – “I'm out of control”
    – “I'm powerless”
    – “It's dangerous to show vulnerability”
    – “Blushing is bad”

    See if any of these resonate with you. Say them out loud.

    If ANY of those apply, please either run a Belief Blaster on them or run them via PSTEC Negative (remembering the very specific instructions for each product).

    Eliminate one belief at a time and then layer in a positive suggestion and see how you get on with that approach – after doing this on a few beliefs, I would expect the changes to stack up for you.

    The more core beliefs you eliminate, the more this whole pattern will collapse and eventually it will stay collapsed.

    Please keep us updated, Kay, and feel free to ask any questions at all.

    Best Regards,

    Paul  :)

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