Reply To: Working with Blushing

Brian Tucker

    Definitely want to Ct the feelings of doubt that PSTEC does not work to a 1 or 0. You can even belief blast “pstec didn't work for me” and/or “pstec wasn't working for me”

    Clicktrack the fear that you have of the problem happening again or coming back. As we call a “fear of the fear”

    For the blushing coming back, Get extremely angry at the worst blushing incident you can  remember, and the blushing coming back as well as worrying about the blushing and worrying about the blushing coming back gone. The anger is likely holding it in place.

    You might also CT the feelings that blushing is a completely involuntary response. That you have no control over it and are powerless to it. You can also CT the feelings of being noticeably nervous and that people know what you are thinking.. These as a result could reduce the amount of blushing that occurs.

    You may also CT the feelings that a blush is a character flaw and that when a blush occurs the flaw is revealed. Belief blast or ct “I had been flawed” or “I was a flawed person” and/or “I had a lot of flaws” whatever you might find yourself thinking or even saying. and “Blushing was bad, blushing was embarrassing/humiliating” “There had been something wrong with me” is another good one too.

    Another trick I've seen that can sometimes shift a problem is to blast the belief “Blushing had something to do with me” or “my character” or “who I was” you can of course CT this too.