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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Kay,

    Thanks for posting and for your kind words.Much appreciated  :D

    Sorry for the late reply.

    I appreciate your update and am pleases you are making good progress.

    By all means, run a CT2015 on something unrelated to test out the affect and effect. I do think that CTing the weekly meeting directly could prove to be very beneficial. Imagine you will blush and that people will think less of you, your career will be hurt and try to feel how you would feel. CT until you get to a 0 or 1.

    After this, try out the following beliefs and blast the ones that resonate. Say these out loud and see if they feel true. You may intellectually disagree with the statements, but check whether they feel true on a gut level. You will know:

    – “The weekly meeting is scary”
    – “I'm not safe to be me”
    – “People don't respect blushers”
    – “I have no control”
    – “If I blush, I will be hurt”
    – “Blushing harms my reputation”
    – “I'm in danger”
    – “Mistakes are bad”
    – “I have to be perfect”

    If they resonate, I recommend putting them into the past tense and blasting them.

    Using Quantum Turbo, you can layer in a positive suggestion for every belief you blast.

    For example, if blasting “If I blush, I'll be hurt”, you can layer in “It is absolutely safe for me to blush, as I am safe”

    Please keep us updated, Kay, and feel free to ask any questions at all.

    Best Regards,

    Paul   :)

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