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Daniel Wynn

    Hi shoutman.

    I am interested in hearing a response on this because i have often wondered this myself. How do you write your goals out by the way? Do you almost do bullet points of all the things you would like to achieve. Or do you write it out like an essay? I have changed mine twice now over the last few months. I haven't included a date though, or a particular figure for my business. Its early days for my business, and again like you not sure what i would like to being earning “now” or what is believable “now”. I know what i would eventually like to be making, but then as you said eventually could never arrive unless i see it as a possibility now. I would like to imagine if you just keep at it, the though of making 5000 a month will become believable now. After all that is what the tools are for, yes? Otherwise if we had already believed what we wanted we wouldnt need something like pstec in the first place. Im going to say keep using positive and the tagr click tracks for the “now” to make it more of a reality today rather than tomorrow.
    Very interesting post.
    Good luck.

    I wrote mine out as an essay.

    I listened to it again and I think what I am going to do is basically do both. Tim and Jeff mention in the module that Step 6 in the book is where you visualize and feel the feelings of having it now after you've already told the subconscious when you want to achieve it by setting a time trigger.

    After listening to it again my understanding is you want to set that time trigger so that the subconscious actually gets moving and then feel what it would be like to actually have your vision now.

    For the TGR click tracks I'm going to do it like that, put the time trigger and feel like I already have it now.

    As far as the PQT suggestions my guess is these would only help support the “now” feelings.

    For example making $10,000 per month

    TGR Time Trigger: I want to be making $10,000 per month in my business by December 31, 2018

    PQT: I make $10,000 per month in my business

    I would really love to hear the input from some of the admins on this.

    By the way is there a TGR forum, it's mentioned in the course but I can't seem to find it.

    Thanks :)

    Hi shoutman

    Yes, that's a good idea. After all the subconsciousious doesnt know the difference between what is real and imagined. So visualising that you have what you want now will give your sub a nudge into the right direction of making it a reality now. The idea is to have a laser focus on what you want, so i would use the updated method in pqt to really hone in on that.

    “$10,000 a month is easy for me to get now”

    You mention others you know who have achieved the goals you want to hit in their businesses, so put that in a statement.

    “If (Name) earns (amount) each month, then so so can i now”

    Ultimately what would you have to believe about yourself to be living your best life now. What would you have to believe about yourself to be achieving your goals right now? What ever comes up put it in a statement, say it aloud, use positive on it, make it real.

    Be the man who achieve's the goals, not the goals that make the man.

    Good luck ?