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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Shoutman and Clearingman,

    Thanks to both of you for dialoguing and supporting one another.

    I have reached out to Jeff Harding to see if he can answer some of your enquiries (particularly about the TGR forum).

    With regards to the past, present and future phrasings, I think context is crucial.

    There are numerous different pathways with PSTEC, and therefore there is no “one right way.” Writing goals in the present tense works with that particular program and has been shown to work.

    With the tracks that have been created in recent years, we have so many options and shortcuts.

    You can add in time triggers to any suggestion, and this will be very effective in a range of contexts.

    For instance, “At the interview tomorrow, I will be completely calm and confident” can be layered in with PSTEC Positive, Positive Extra or Quantum Turbo. This is, of course, future tense and context-specific.

    Equally, you could layer in a suggestion like “I am now completely calm and confident when out in public” (present tense)

    You can even reframe past incidents with some artful suggestions.

    One of the caveats in Quantum Turbo's instructions is that you will have other concepts and beliefs in your mind. This is not to be overlooked, as clearance is so important.

    So, while “believability” opens up a Pandora's Box, if you're 5'1 and want to be the next NBA superstar, it might be a tall order.  Nevertheless, history is full of stories of people who defied the odds and thus changed the concept of what is possible.

    This doesn't mean that miracles, exceptions and moments of grace don't happen, because they can and do, but sometimes it might be useful to take a more gradient approach. Sometimes.

    Being able to see that is really possible for you and that you will put in the work required is often the most reliable formula.

    In the realms of money, there is a social component and also a lot of beliefs around it – family, cultural, personal etc. In a sense, money is its own belief system.

    Thus, you can have a good look to see what beliefs you hold about money. Most of these will be stored in the subconscious.

    In many cases, we can have a mixed reality. We desire something, but feel a bit “icky” (family forum!) about it.  Certain beliefs about money, the self and the world will create that:

    – “Money is dirty”
    – “Money is a burden”
    – “Money is bad”
    – “Money is evil”
    – “It is bad to ask for money”
    – “Money is hard to get”
    – “You have to be lucky to be rich”
    – “You have to be greedy to be rich”
    – “Rich people are bad”
    – “If I'm greedy, I'll be punished”
    – “I'll never get what I want”

    Blast every unwanted/unhelpful belief you have about money, yourself or your goals and layer in what you really do want. It makes a difference and can make a truly profound difference.

    Hopefully this has helped.

    All the best,

    Paul  :)

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