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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Sb_in_ca,

    Thanks for your post.

    “If I type a correct answer that they might've originally thought I don't know,  and now they see I am smart/good enough, this causes them to hate me, and to think I'm showing off by typing the right answer”  

    This seems to be a collection of thoughts and beliefs, and shows a level of abstaction that would be beyond most children. Most core beliefs tend to be formed in early childhood and are quite simplistic in structure.

    We can hold a mixture of beliefs. The more “core” you get, the more shifts you will get.

    Looking at what you wrote, the core beliefs seem to be:

    – “I am hated”
    – “It is bad to be hated”
    – “It is bad to disappoint people”
    – “I'm a disappointment”
    – “It is bad to show off”
    – “I have to stay small to be safe”
    – “People can't be trusted”
    – “I'm a threat”
    – “I'm not safe to be me”

    Check in with these.

    PSTEC Positive can help you layer in positive suggestions of change.

    Belief Blasters helps you take away the beliefs you no longer want.

    It is usually most efficient to eliminate the beliefs that feed into the problem, THEN layer in the positives.

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