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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Roman,

    Thanks for posting.

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Firstly, with any physical issue, it is worth checking to see if there is a medical cause. It sounds like you have already done that and have not gotten a solution. I suspect that PSTEC will help.

    Beliefs lead to all manner of behaviours, thoughts and feelings, so it is just a case of doing some “excavation” to find the causal beliefs and eliminate them. Beliefs account for so much of what we do.

    Your instinct to CT the fear of being judged is a really good one.

    Trawl through your personal history and see if you can locate times you have been judged harshly in public. I have not known a person who has not had some experience or concept of this.

    Most people with whom I have worked have had some experience at school, where they were singled out and felt humiliated. Think of teachers or classmates doing this – name-calling, bullying etc. If it did happen, CT it down to 0 or 1.

    See if this has come up at work too.

    You may also benefit from running a separate CT on the imagined outcome of your symptoms being very severe in public.

    What do you imagine people would say, think or do?

    Incorporate this, making it as real as possible and trying hard to feel the feelings you would feel if it was really happening.

    In terms of beliefs, say these out loud,  and see if they resonate/feel true. If so, put them into the past tense and blast them:

    – “I'm not safe”
    – “There's something wrong with me”
    – “I'm not good enough”
    – “I'm not OK”
    – “I'm damaged”
    – “I'm not fixable”
    – “It's dangerous for people to focus on me”
    – “I'm weird”
    – “I'm out of control”
    – “I have no control”
    – “I'm powerless”
    – “It's dangerous to show vulnerability”
    – “Sweating is bad”

    Really, really try to believe the beliefs when doing the Belief Blaster tracks and then check in with them after doing the tracks. Check to see whether they still feel or seem true.

    Once you know a belief is gone, I recommend running a Quantum Turbo track. There are lots of examples on the forum, but pick something that really resonates with you.

    For example, if you are blasting “I was powerless”, you may wish to layer in a suggestion along the lines of “I have always been more powerful than I ever realised”

    If you eliminate the causal beliefs and layer in the positives, you will notice all sorts of benefits in your life.

    I hope this helps, Roman.

    Please keep us updated and feel free to reply, if you need any clarifications.

    All the best,

    Paul  :)

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