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Paul McCabe
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    Hi pcguy730 and DarekKow,

    Thanks for the posts and thanks very much for a great answer, Darek. I appreciate you helping out.

    I used to leave pretty much everything to the last minute too and it was a real block. I find myself doing the opposite now (with most things), and I think it must be a function of eliminating beliefs and neutralising certain emotions.

    Things can change very dramatically, even though it can work underneath the surface.

    Yes, you can just CT while thinking directly about moving out, or even other times you had deadlines. There might be a mixture of emotions and feelings (fear, frustration, anger, stress, even apathy).

    Allow yourself to feel those and run the CT directly while thinking about the deadline and moving out.

    For beliefs, see if these resonate. Say the present tense version of these. If they do, I recommend that you blast them:

    – “Everything had to be perfect”
    – “Everything was a struggle”
    – “I was lazy”
    – “I was a disappointment”
    – “Nothing was ever easy for me”
    – “Nothing ever worked out”
    – “Change was difficult”
    – “I couldn't do anything right”
    – “I had to be perfect”

    And then, for every belief you blast, layer in at least one positive suggestion with PQT.

    For example:

    “I will absolutely start packing today, as it makes sense”


    “Things are much easier now that I am getting them done”

    Alternatively, you can just CT or run PQT.

    Your call  :)

    Hope that helps.

    Please keep the thread updated.

    All the best,

    Paul  :)

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