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Paul McCabe
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    Hi atomic310,

    Thank you for posting. I am sorry for the very late reply.

    If you want to learn how to talk to women, there are tons of courses, gurus and books which claim to have “the secret”, “the answer” and “the code.” This is not to dismiss anything. There are “how-tos” on pretty much everything these days and you will find that on YouTube and the like too.

    However, I suspect this is not really what you are looking for. What I suspect you are looking for is a way to feel comfortable in and about yourself, so that you can talk to anyone without faking it or trying to memorise a script.

    So that we can help you with suggestions more tailored to your requirements, please answer the following:

    – Which PSTEC tracks do you currently own and what have you worked on thus far?

    – What specifically are you wishing to achieve?

    – What are you experiencing that you would prefer not to experience?

    – What do you believe gets in the way of you making friends?

    – What do you believe gets in the way of you speaking with women?

    This is just, so we can offer some guidance.

    There are lots of threads here too, where you can see how various people resolved their issues using the PSTEC tools.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,

    Paul  :)

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