Reply To: Success with women


    Hello, thanks for replying to my message. You’re right about the products because in the past I have had four personal dating coaches, and I tried quite a few programs as well. I have also approached many women in the past, but I never managed to even get past small talk (30 sec – 1 minute conversations).
    – Right now, I am using PSTEC negative to clear out my old beliefs so that I will get less resistance. Also, after looking through the forums, I recently decided to get Quantum Turbo a couple days ago to begin installing new beliefs.
    – I am in a very tricky situation because even though I want to improve my conversations, my behaviors are just so passive and avoidant. I am what you would call a “mute”. For example, whenever I am in a group of people, I am always the only one who can’t even utter a single word, and it feels so weird and humiliating being excluded in front of others. My goal is just to change my everyday behaviors so that I can vibe and blend in with people. It’s like whenever I finally do manage to talk, I am the one who’s trying to initiate a conversation, and then it just ends in small talk due to a lack of real rapport.
    – I don’t really feel a sensation of nervous while talking to a woman. However, I am incredibly avoidant, and even though I feel like I wouldn’t be too nervous talking to her, there’s still this lack of action whether it is about avoiding an interaction or during an interaction where I just don’t know what to talk about. I know I want this more than anything else, but this passive behavior is something I need to get rid of.
    – It’s very unknown to me how you make friends. I’ve never really experienced this rapport state in years. The way other people converse seems extremely advanced to me.
    – I exhibit the least attractive behaviors in a male by not being able to make any friends or talk to people in general. My intention isn’t to “put on a show” whenever I am speaking to a woman, I want her to be invested in the conversation as well.
    Anyways, please let me know if you have any suggestions. I will be sure to keep you updated.