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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Ammy,

    Thanks for your post and for sharing your experiences with the Click Tracks.

    Yes, your experience is certainly not uncommon and, the more you immerse yourself in these tools, the more the results and “ah-has” stack up.

    Some people do yawn when running the Click Tracks. Other people might cry, get teary, laugh, giggle, get annoyed, get elated…and I have seen numerous “affects.” It is all good. It is all release.

    I appreciate you wish to work on people-pleasing, as you feel shame when you feel you have let someone down or if they are annoyed at you (or something you did).

    Work is the context in which fear of criticism or not meeting the expectations of others has shown up. Usually, it starts MUCH earlier than that, and then people-pleasing becomes the survival strategy.

    So, you could also direct the Click Tracks at memories of times when you:

    – were criticized by your parents, caretakers, old bosses, teachers, friends, romantic interests etc.

    – felt the need to be “approved of” by all of the above (and anyone else that comes to mind)

    – were shamed for not meeting the expectations of others

    The Belief Blasters ( are highly effective in getting rid of the very beliefs that lead to people-pleasing.

    Wanting to help and please people is very noble and also very valuable in this world. It can, however, come at a high emotional price if you feel it is not reciprocated or appreciated.

    When you get rid of the pattern, you have the freedom to help and please people and feel absolutely enough within yourself (irrespective of their reaction, lack of appreciation or even outright hostility). This, in turn, will help you in many other contexts.

    Hope this reassures you.

    You are on the right path here.

    Please keep at this, Ammy, and you will get there. Please keep us updated.

    Best Regards,


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