Reply To: Interesting reactions

Charlotte Tonkinson

    Hi Paul,

                    Thank you for your reply. R.e. people pleasing yes I have struggled with it as long as i can remember and it is something i have been trying to combat although it has been tough to do so! I am hoping with PSTEC i'll be able to 'grease the wheels' as it were and start building more healthy behaviours. I would like to choose my behaviours rather than do things out of reaction and habit and then feel bad afterwards.
    It's definitely a survival strategy that i learned in response to criticism from parents, peers, school system and eventually partners so i'll work on some of the memories around that.

    I am feeling a little daunted by what seems to be a 'mountain' of issues  facing me (i have a lot of strong patterns which are all interlinked and serve to 'trap' me quite effectively while sustaining each other- i have a good awareness of my patterns and thoughts but am still struggling with taking action) so i may post some on the forum if i am brave enough and hopefully i can start clearing some of them soon.

    I have the belief blasters as well as PQT and have recently purchased click track 2015 so hopefully i have a good range of tools to work with now.

    Thanks again for your feedback Paul  :)