Reply To: Some help needed

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Limage
    Firstly don't give up on PSTEC! It can and will work for you, only if you keep on using it. It is based on accepted pyschological principals, it is not woo woo or psuedo science. What is new about it is the packaging of simultaneous techniques to make them more efficient, more than the sum of their parts. The system is not as well known as we would like but Tim who created it, whose voice you hear on the tracks is also a carer for his multiple transplantee wife.
    The Click Tracks are difficult, the instructions may be simple but that is not the same as easy. They are designed that way it is part of what makes them work. Rather than trying hard to feel/believe think of it as focusing on one particular issue for example that “resentment” about being a carer. If your mind wanders while listening just keep on gently stroking it back into focus on that one issue. If you cannot try another more minor issue.  Yes I know it is easier said than done. It is very important to do an assesment of the intensity of feeling using the 0-10 scale both before and after a Click Track. A small change is all that is needed, small changes are built on with sucssessive play throughs. Once you know it works then bigger changes become possible.
    Hope you find these words helpful.