Reply To: Some help needed


    Hi Peter
    Many thanks for your reply to my long post. I did have some trepidation about whether to post so much information.
    Given I perceive that I have so many issues that need work I would appreciate some further guidance if possible.
    I mentioned about my current emotional state of which a lot is connected to our present circumstances. However, this has pushed me up against some older stuff and patterns.
    You advised taking my time getting familiar with the process.
    I am keen to shift some of the anxiety/depression as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    I have the basic CT's and Belief Blaster.

    I have identified a number of beliefs that are running concurrently. There seems to be strong basic ones of 'I was not good enough', 'I should be doing something else/I should be somewhere else', 'I can't love or care for another' for example. I also have one of 'others should suffer' and of 'feeling trapped'

    There are memories over which I have ruminated for years. Running the CT on them doesn't seem to help at the moment.

    I suppose I am wondering whether I might need any of the other Pstec tools in order to kick start the process. I am drawn to perhaps one of, Level 1, 2015 or Accelerators but am unsure.
    Thanks again