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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Limage,

    Thank you for sharing everything you have shared.

    Just to address your reply to Peter:

    Yes, by all means, blast those beliefs you identified.

    Make sure they are in the past tense.

    Check to see if any of these resonate with you too:

    – “I'm not capable”
    – “I can't cope”
    – “I'm trapped”
    – “Nothing works”
    – “Everything is unfair”
    – “Change is difficult”
    – “Change takes too long”
    – “I can't do anything right”
    – “I'm beyond help”

    Say them out loud and see if they feel true/uncomfortable to say and then, if they do, put them into the past tense and blast them.

    There are different ways to approach the emotional work but, given what you wrote, I sense you can CT anger about your current circumstances and life.

    Various memories will be linked to this too. Try to hold onto the anger while working through memories where you felt powerless, helpless, desperate, cheated, hard done by, or that you had to fix everything etc.

    You have lived a life here, so don't expect absolutely everything to resolve itself with one Click Track. Some ongoing work will be required, as you work through the memories and imagined outcomes (e.g. fear about the future)

    All the tracks are extremely useful and help cement the changes, but it would probably be best to get some results with the tracks you currently own first.

    Even though it probably feels very daunting, you are not on your own here. Please let us know how it goes and please reach out, if you need any additional clarifications or assistance.

    All the best,

    Paul  :)

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