Reply To: Some help needed


    Hi Paul and Peter
    Many thanks for taking the time to reply and for your guidance.
    I have had a small bit of movement with a relatively minor issue however I find I am being overwhelmed by the relentless of aspects of the bigger ones.
    I don't get much time (and space (in my head also)) to do the Pstec work.
    At the moment I am using Pstec in 'secret'. (Thought is how might I ct that one!)
    With that in mind my thinking is to use the 2015 CT's as the tracks are shorter (for now) and there's the possibility of learning to use the other parts of the package later on. Eg wrap tool.

    Fear (and anxiety) is permeating every aspect of my life. And I mean every aspect even down to seemingly mundane things. Eg, making tea, going to the supermarket, feeding my cat……etc

    I know the protocol is to clear negative emotions firstly. Given that I am in such a negative place I cannot see any 'positive' aspect in my life. I seem to have become somewhat obsessed with Pstec but can't see how to improve and enrich my/our situation. I have made long lists of possible memories/emotions and possible beliefs but just get overwhelmed. Again I am aware of the encouragement to start slowly. Maybe I am just being over impatient.
    (No reflection on Tim but I am finding his voice and style 'grating', perhaps ct that?)

    Would there be any point in working with one or other of the Positive tools at this stage?

    I also seem too carry a big belief that I don't deserve to be happy and that what I/we are going through is just 'typical'.

    Sorry to sound off a bit again. It just feels like I am going through a nightmare at the moment and struggling.
    Feels like a band of steel around my head!

    Thank you for any help