Reply To: Some help needed

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Limage

    Re working with Positive tools at this stage. You have admitted that “Fear (and anxiety) is permeating every aspect of your life” This means that any positive suggestion you come up with would be “shot down in flames” by your negative feelings before you even started the track. With positives you need to believe that your suggestion might at least be possible. One exception might be to use a suggestion that PSTEC will help clear your issues (or similar).

    Tim style is relentlessly positive and has to be. Yes CT it if you have negative feelings about it.

    The improvements to your situation will become clearer as the “old mental baggage” gets moved out by the CTs.

    “You don't deserve to be happy” Yes you do, it is everyones human right!  That “don't deserve” is just another thing to CT. Overwhelmed by all the things to CT, that overwhelm feeling is just another thing to CT. You have made lists, excellent! Work through them one at a time and don't move on until it is cleared down to 1 ( on 0-10 scale). While it is perfectly understandable to feel impatient, that frustration is just another negative your mind is throwing up to block any change. You need to believe that PSTEC will work for you, without any sense of timescale, just let it do the work for you, trusting that your problems will melt away if you keep on chipping away at it. CT any feeling that comes up if you say that to yourself.

    That “don't deserve to be happy” is a perfect example of low self-worth/esteem. “Wealth of abundance” which I mentioned before is an antidote to this.

    Re other PSTEC packages. If you find your self saying mentally if not verbally the same old belief/phrase worded exactly the same way each time, which might initiate a string of tired old thoughts to circle around inside your head time and time again, then PSTEC Negative might be useful. This works for long standing negative phrases example you may have heard someone say “I'm no good at maths”. However as you already have the “Blaster” tracks then try these first.

    Another PSTEC package that might help you are the PSTEC Accelerators these help to make all the other PSTEC tracks work more effectively. As much as I make a few dollars if you buy extra packages I'm more interested in getting you to keep on using the Click Tracks you already have.

    Have you tried listening to any of the audio interviews the Jeff has done with sufferers who found that PSTEC worked for them? It worked for me otherwise I would not be writing this.