Reply To: Abject Terror of flying!!!

Rob Burnett

    Hi Atty
    I haven't flown for 40 years, I did the Click Track and booked a flight on the same day. This was about a month ago. next Saturday I fly for the first time and I have very little anxiety about that, probably no more than the average person doing something new for the first time. There is a change in my thinking, an absolute mechanical change like I have just switched the way I see it. It's not a deliberate way of thinking, it just seems to be the new default. Despite getting such a big change after one use I decided to do it multiple times to be absolutely sure so I imagined myself walking to the plane, going to my seat, the doors locking behind me, the engines starting, moving to the runway, the take-off, the turbulence, the noises, and the landing and did a click track for each element. Each time I felt within a minute that the anxiety had just gone. I hope to report back here next Saturday to announce that it was a great flight which I really enjoyed. Watch this space.