Abject Terror of flying!!!

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      I want to use the tracks to help with my utter terror of flying. I used to fly a lot during my childhood and had the normal fear of flying then around 17 years ago it turned to abject terror! I have flown only 3 times in the last 12 years. I even drove across Europe rather than fly when emigrating! The last time I flew, I had valium and sleeping tablets from my doctor, but the terror was so bad the pilot came out to try and calm me. I can't cope with even sitting on the tarmac, once the plane moves I start to hyperventilate, then I just lose all control when there is any turbulence….

      I have refused holidays, not attended family funerals and I feel I am losing out on life.
      Even writing this I can feel my heart rate rising just thinking about flying!

      I so want the click tracks to work, but I am worried I will think I can cope but when I get on the plane the terror will come back! 

      Are there any others on here that the tracks have worked with flying, or can anyone help me?

      I really want to conquer this utter terror!!

      Daniel Wynn
      PSTEC User

        H atty,

        I think i have seen others post on here recently that have overcome this exact problem. If i remember correctly they hadn't got on a plane for 30+ years, but managed to resolve there issues around flying. Would be worth digging through to see if you can find the post and maybe contact them directly to see how they got on?

        Its actually a good thing you can access the emotions rather easily as it puts you in a good position to do something about it with pstec. I would go ahead and feel that terror while running the click tracks. If it feels too uncomfortable maybe think how you would have felt at the thought of flying. That way you can dip your toes in and build your way up to realising it isn't such a bad thing as you release the emotions around it.

        You could also go at the beliefs angle and remove some of those negative beliefs and layer in some positive ones around flying being safe, and lots of people fly with complete calm and ease so you can too.

        By the way…. how about taking a player with you and perhaps use it while your taking off or anytime you feel overwhelmed on the plane? After you have dealt with the fear from the ground, and feel at ease with it of course. I would build up to making it real in your mind and really feel as if your in the plane etc eventually. Then when I was ready take my music player and use it on the plane.
        I'm sure you will get it sorted??

        Peter Bunyan
        PSTEC User

          Hi atty
          The Click Tracks will work brilliantly for you. Once you have reduced the fear to 0 you will know and feel confident about flying again.

          It is important to use the intensity of emotion scale before and after running a Click Track. Ask yourself the question “How strongly do I feel this fear on a scale of 0-10 with 0 being not at all and 10 being abject terror?” Use the first number that comes into your mind. This number will reduce down over a number of play throughs.

          You can use your memories of those last few flights as a targets to Click Track or alternatively imagine going on a flight in the near future. From what you have said this will bring up the fear to Click Track just as well but at the same time feel a little less scary since it is only fictional and not ever going to happen.

          It might also help if you could tease out any particular aspects of flying that “get to you” as targets to Click Track. May be being trapped inside the aircraft, the height above the ground, the bumping about due to turbulence or whatever it might be for you.

          It would also help if you could recall what it was that caused the change from “normal fear” to “abject terror”. Did you see a plane crash in a film or hear about one on the news? Could it be that you talked to someone who had this fear and it “rubbed off” on to you by empathy? If you can think of what it was then it would be a good target to Click Track.

          Let us know how you get on
          Post again if you have any more questions


          Rob Burnett
          PSTEC User

            Hi Atty
            I haven't flown for 40 years, I did the Click Track and booked a flight on the same day. This was about a month ago. next Saturday I fly for the first time and I have very little anxiety about that, probably no more than the average person doing something new for the first time. There is a change in my thinking, an absolute mechanical change like I have just switched the way I see it. It's not a deliberate way of thinking, it just seems to be the new default. Despite getting such a big change after one use I decided to do it multiple times to be absolutely sure so I imagined myself walking to the plane, going to my seat, the doors locking behind me, the engines starting, moving to the runway, the take-off, the turbulence, the noises, and the landing and did a click track for each element. Each time I felt within a minute that the anxiety had just gone. I hope to report back here next Saturday to announce that it was a great flight which I really enjoyed. Watch this space.

            Paul McCabe
            PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

              Hi Robb2019,

              Thanks for your post.

              That is a very powerful, encouraging post and your experience underlines what is possible with these tools.

              I hope you enjoy your travels and look forward to reading your report.

              For anyone else reading this, it is also worth mentioning that Tim and Peter Owen have a specialist and highly effective package called “Fly and Be Calm.”


              Thanks again.

              All the best,

              Paul  :)

              Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner


              Please contact me anytime if you want any assistance in utilising PSTEC to help you live a life of tremendous freedom & possibility.

              Recreate yourself with PSTEC.

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              Rob Burnett
              PSTEC User

                Quick Update on my first flight yesterday.

                Although I was pretty sure that PSTEC had removed my fears surrounding flying I knew that turning up for a flight yesterday would prove one way or the other whether it had really worked.
                Not only did I get on the plane but I did so without any fears whatsoever, just a tiny bit of apprehension which I put down to having not been on a plane as an adult, but I went up, experienced a 40mph crosswind on take off, some pretty bumpy turbulence and a dodgy landing.
                I just want to reiterate I have had NLP, Hypnosis and read every book and course on the fear of flying and nothing got me on a plane until I did the click tracks. 100% works. No doubt. Thank you Tim, Changed my life.

                Elizabeth Hogon
                PSTEC User

                  PSTEC is fantastic for a fear of flying. As Peter said go to the first time you remember being anxious – clear that. Then clear anything else where you notice anxiety.
                  It's worth running the click track on any feelings of being trapped / having no control as I've found that often comes into play as well.

                  Peter Bunyan
                  PSTEC User


                    Thanks for sharing your experience. PSTEC changed my life too!


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