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Paul McCabe
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Hi Mercury62,

Thanks for your post.

I appreciate your question. It is an interesting experimental approach, so it is worth bearing in mind that it is experimental.

On a side note, I think you might get more mileage if the issue *did* affect you on an emotional level, or was more troublesome.

So, using Quantum Turbo, the following suggestions may prove very effective:

– “It's easy for my body to heal itself and radiate inner peace now”

– “The more I relax and enjoy life, the better I look and feel”

– “My skin pigmentation is growing more consistent each and every day”

– “All stress melts away, as I let joy and peace infuse my body”

– “My body's ability to restore itself is absolutely extraordinary”

You could run or cycle through ( two sets) these suggestions “on the daily” and see what results are produced. At worst, you will probably feel extremely chilled, which can only be a good thing  8)

Please keep us updated.

All the best,


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