Reply To: Obsessed with Pstec ?


    Thanks to google Spanish-English translator:

    The pstec does not work for me, and I really want to solve my problems.

    I follow the clicks on the tracks and it does not diminish the sensations or anything.

    I dont want to give up because I see that many people served him, but after so long I do not understand why I do not achieve anything.

    When I use the PSTEC, I close my eyes and try to concentrate on the problem, so as it says in the instructions I remember the person who causes the conflict or the trigger (the specific scene where the emotion is activated), well, I do the tracks, 1,2,6,10, etc., but the negative emotion does not go away, I concentrate on the problem and the feeling, I follow the clicks, everything. But unfortunately I do not solve anything. Another example, let's say I have a feeling of almost constant anxiety, I close my eyes and concentrate on the sensation of shit that I want to eliminate and the truth is that there is not much effort because I am feeling it until now, at the end of clicks 1, 3,6,10, etc times the emotion is still there, as if I had never done the clicks, the same intensity and everything.

    I am using the audios in Spanish.