Reply To: Parent’s burden

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Truman
    Further to Pauls words.
    Firstly back to basics. Imagine yourself as an independant adult not affected now by negative stuff from your parents. What feelings are stopping you from imagining it? What resistance is there? These need to be Click Tracked If you can imagine it then it needs re-enforcing with Positives.
    You could if you have the package use the Hypnotic Time Machine to go back in time when you were 10 and stand behind yourself giving your younger self moral support to “stand up” to your parents which you couldn't do on your own. You could then go forward in time to a near future visiting your parents and being unaffected by their behaviours. Sounds fantastical but that is truly using the power of your mind. With this package all sorts of solutions unique to you become possible. This especially with complex emotional situations which might be hard to get at with the usual PSTEC packages which work best with an accurate narrow focus.