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Brian Tucker

    1) Thank you.  That is very good to know that you walk while you do Positive.

    2)What, Wow, How- do you use PSTEC for 3 hours a day & have a job & a family/social life.  If that is too personal to ask, don't.  It just makes me wonder how I can spend that much time of self and help and still keep up with life.

    I have a belief that “I seem to find plenty of extra time for PSTEC every day.” and other beliefs around abundance of time.

    if you stop and think about it though, I take a one hour walk daily, I run a track or two in the morning, one or two throughout the day, that's another hour and then spend an hour to 45 min in the evening.

    I do work at home and for the last year anything job/people interaction related that comes up on a daily basis while I am working, I immediately stop and CT it.

    To Paul's point. I always liken PSTEC to going to the gym except the results stick. Try going once, try going twice, try going every day, 30 min for a week, try going every day for 30 min for a month, try going an hour every day for a month. Try going a few hours a day every day for a few years. :)