Reply To: My mother is narcissist

Brian Tucker

    Oh man, I know those feelings all too well.

    You can start by belief blasting some of these… “everything is my fault” and “it was all my fault” “I was a problem” “I should be ashamed of myself” “I should be guilty for what I did” I am a guilty person” “I am to blame for everything” “I am always the one to blame” “I am bad” “I am a bad person” “I am shameful” “I am a shame”

    make sure you feel those feelings you just described along with the guilt and shame while you blast the belief. Really try hard to feel the feelings. Get angry at your mother and yourself too at times to release the anger with it.

    You might have to do these each a few times. I did. I would get through them all over a few days time. Then go back and check to see if I still had them. If I did I would hit them again until they did not exist anymore.