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Paul McCabe
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    Hi gdogg9999,

    Thanks for posting.

    If you are comfortable sharing, please let us know the “evidence” you have for the beliefs you formed. Often, when we have concrete examples, it helps others see how these constructs can be taken down.

    Further to what Brian wrote, you may wish to try the following:

    – really think of the beliefs as “more than just words” and try hard to feel what they feel like. For example, what does “I am a failure” feel like?  Really “feel into” this. Try hard to believe the statement while running the track. It will likely have certain feelings attached (you can CT these, as Brian suggested) and certain “evidence.”

    – go back as far as you possibly can to when these type of self-concepts would have been formed (e.g. early childhood) and see if you can pinpoint the type of experiences that led to your conclusions. You may wish to look at “being compared unfavourably to others”, “being criticised”, “being punished for making mistakes”, “only being acknowledged when achieving something.”

    “I've accomplished nothing” gives importance to accomplishment so, while I am pretty sure you will have accomplished a lot of things in your life, what do you feel you need to accomplish to be OK?

    Is it lots of money, fame, qualifications etc.?

    On the flip side, if you accomplished nothing at all, that does not mean you *have* to feel bad. Some of the most joyful people I've ever met didn't have a laundry list of material achievements (e.g. credentials, millions in the bank) and felt good in and about themselves. You can get to that place with PSTEC.

    As you do feel bad about your perception that you have failed, however, some other beliefs might include:

    – “What makes me good enough is accomplishing things”
    – “I am not acceptable”
    – “I am a disappointment”
    – “People think less of me for not achieving”
    – “I have let myself down”

    All these beliefs are decisions you made about yourself, based on your experiences and interpretations. They are stored in the subconscious and they can be eliminated.

    Even though the Belief Blasters typically work first time on a given belief statement, there is no harm in running the same belief through more than one play of the track. If a belief still seems or feels somewhat true after running a BB, you can certainly run it again. Some people find this very beneficial.

    So, to recap, please try the BBs and CTs initially. Let us know when you have done this and then we can suggest PQTs.

    I hope that helps for now.

    All the best,


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