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Paul McCabe
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    Hi princesuxx,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I am sorry for my late reply. I appreciate your patience.

    Based on your answers, I suggest the following:

    1) CT any feelings you had around your dad's cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery. But really, try hard to feel into the shock of it all (as you experienced it then) while running the CT. Getting a diagnosis like that, especially in such an unexpected context, would be shocking for anyone. CT this down to 0 or 1. It may require a few CT rounds.

    2) CT how you feel when your family overreact to everything. Our upbringing can influence how we react to people, as we are always modelling others (especially when we are young and impressionable). So, you saw people overreacting, panicking etc. and it probably left you feeling a bit frenzied or on-edge. Moreover, this probably felt normal. Try hard to evoke those feelings while doing the CT.  CT this down to 0 or 1. It may require a few CT rounds.

    3) PSTEC works on memories and imagined outcomes. Imagine the worst here and try hard to convince yourself you have a disease, illness etc. Feel how that feels and run a CT on this. CT this down to 0 or 1. Again, this may require a few CT rounds.

    4) CT any worries you have about going to the dentist and doctor.

    Even though these are written like bullet points, you will have plenty to do here. The key thing is to really try to feel the feelings while thinking about the events/memories/imagined outcomes.

    Please let us know how you get on with that.

    Best Regards,


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