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Brian Tucker

    Clicktrack all feelings of this —->   Ive always been scared about health and I think that might be something I adopted from my family

    Clicktrack all feelings of this —-> Im always scared I might have something serious, and I always try to avoid going to the doctor because Im scared of diagnosis. What scares me is the idea of having a disease or something.

    – My dad had cancer. When I was about 7, he went to a dentist for a checkup and the dentist found a tumor below his tounge (he was a smoker). He had a big surgery and I lived all of that. I also think it comes from here, specially the part he went to a checkup and the dentist finding that. Im not scared of dentists, by the way, and I dont recall feeling any fear at the time, I think I didnt understand what was going on.

    Clicktrack all feelings of this —-> My family tends to overeact over nothing. Not just health, but in many aspects. I also live with my grandparents and theyre always talking about a friend who got sick or something.

    Clicktrack all feelings of this —-> Ive always been scared of health problems.

    When I was very young, around the time when my father was diagnosed with cancer (I dont know if this was before or after) I remember I was reading some news about a woman who had some problem with her heart, and I locked up in the bathroom and started feeling anxious that it would happen to me. That is the first memory I recall of hypochondria, but I dont think this is the target, or maybe it is. I dont know if I could recreate that feeling so I could CT it.

    As I grew older, it became more serious. For weeks I thought I had diabetes and I avoided going to the doctor, even though I didnt really have any symptom.

    3 years ago I started thinking I have some STD (I had a single incident with one partner) and it just got way worse. I started avoiding everything and havent done a checkup for 3 years.

    Clicktrack all feelings of this —-> I tried to CT specific things, like the fear of measuring my blood pressure, and it kind of worked a bit but then it came back. Really try hard to feel the feeling, clicktrack it again.

    – About myself, I believe that Im capable of getting over all of this. I just need to find the  right way,

    Clicktrack all feelings of this —-> because its way too consuming as you said, and its basically taking oher my life.

    Thank you so much for your reply, Paul

    Imagine getting cancer, it's horrible and tragic and you are going to die from it. Imagine everything possible that could happen in the process as extremely horrible as you can. CT This all to a 1 or 0