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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Truman,

    Thanks for posting.

    It is all a model, really. Pain and pleasure, to an extent, are entirely subjective. What one person finds painful, another finds pleasurable…and vice versa.

    Of course, there are certain experiences which seem to be universally painful. If you were neutral about everything, which could be achievable, is that the best outcome for you? Judging by your question, I don't think so.

    It seems you want to sit with the pain, allow it to be there and to resolve.

    As I understand it, however, more spiritual freedom can be attained from giving up the attachment to certain outcomes.

    Beliefs are often below conscious awareness, but we can bring them to conscious awareness.

    A belief that tends to get in the way is “everything needs to go my way”, allied with “I have to be perfect” and “pain is bad.”

    Eliminating these from your model of reality can create freedom and allow pain to be experienced…and cleared.

    Some good suggestions for PQT:

    “I now safely navigate pain to be who I was meant to be”
    “I am safe to be me now”
    “I can absolutely handle and resolve my pain now”
    “Pain has a message for me, so I listen to it”
    “I am definitely made of strong stuff”
    “I use all pain to create a pleasurable life”

    Hope that helps, Truman.

    All the best,


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