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Brian Tucker


    Thank you for responding to my post.

    We were just friends for 8 years and then we grew closer.  We were never really together.  We love each other but it's an impossible love so we (mostly him) have decided to move forward. 
    You want to CT this. Think of missing him desperately really feel those strong feelings —> I really miss him. 

    CT the feelings of wanting to hear from him and also the feeling of never hearing from him again —> I'd love to hear from him.

    CT The feelings of disappointment, in the situation and with yourself —->  I have expectations and I know that expectations = disappointments so

    CT the feelings that it's tough/hard to breakup —-> I'm trying not to have any but it's tough.

    CT the sadness —-> I'm sad and realized yesterday that even though we were never together, I'm profoundly heartbroken.  All I can think about is him and

    CT This —->  I feel that it's unfair that we cannot be together. 

    CT thuis —-> I feel we are missing something not being together. 

    I bought these files:

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    Thanks for your help !


    Try blasting the belief “Breaking up is hard” Breaking up i tough” and really think about that while you do it as you really feel the feelings associated with the belief

    If you really want to end that relationship you can CT down the feelings of love for the person but ONLY focus on that person while you CT. You may not even need to take it all the way to 0. If you felt this way in a relationship before – all the way back as far as you can remember – CT that.

    Be sure to CT any upset, grief and anger (at the situation and yourself) – very  important

    Example: One stubborn issue I had went back nearly 40 years. I went to summer camp and met a girl there and at the end of the week we had to split ways when we went home. I never processed any of that. All of those feelings, missing, grief, etc. I CT those form back then and the problem in the present was gone.

    You can also install some positives, here are a few:

    “When I think about I remember all of the good things”
    “When I now think about “When I think about “It's now completely ok to just be friends with

    “I now completely forgive myself for breaking up with

    “I now feel completely relieved that things are completely over with

    If you were to invest in pstec positive quantum turbo I can provide you some suggestions that will likely solve a lot of the issues without much clicktracking. You can even start by putting these in using it.