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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Kiltro,

    Thanks for your post and sorry for the late reply.

    Firstly, I am really sorry to learn about your mother's diagnosis. I appreciate this has probably been a very difficult time for you, your mother and your family.

    I am not aware of any plans to translate the track into Italian, so I would highly recommend running the Click Track while thinking about the diagnosis and the worst-case scenarios you have in mind. This can have a very positive knock-on effect for your mother, as clearing/lessening the negative feelings you have about the diagnosis can be subtly communicated to her.

    I would also recommend explaining the Click Track instructions to your mother, advise her where to tap and on what to focus and run the track. Even though it is in English, it is entirely feasible it will have a positive impact on how your mother is feeling.

    Of course, the more she runs the track, the more the results stack up.

    While not exactly what you were looking for, I hope this workaround helps.

    Kind Regards,


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