Reply To: Belief Blasters

Brian Tucker

    Hi Bluebear.

    Here's what makes a profound difference in the results of the Belief Blasters.

    As you are repeating the belief over and over again in the past tense, think of events in your childhood (past) as far back as you can remember, combined with a mix of events in the present and even future events that “could” happen associated with the belief being “true”.

    As you think of these things, really feel the most intense feelings you have which are associated with those memories – the entire time – as you repeat the belief.

    It is also helpful as you blast a belief you also feel angry at it, and even intentionally get angry at it for a bit during the track.

    Once this is complete you should see a shift.

    You will know when a belief has been collapsed when you feel NOTHING about the belief. If you say “I am a martian” you feel nothing. The same would go for a collapsed belief.

    Please pick one belief and follow the above until you achieve nothingness in the way of emotions tied to the belief. Nothingness means just that. Absolutely nothing. Not even a little bit. If you still feel it a little bit, or not sure, it's not collapsed.

    Sometimes you might need to run the track again the next day. And that's ok. It will be most effective if you think about the belief and the things you think or say around it when you are most upset, angry at others or yourself. What you might shout “I feel like I can  never be good enough at anything!”

    Ok so this would be “I could never have been good enough at anything”

    Or maybe you shouted at your parents in rage and upset “I will never be good enough for you!”

    “I would never have been good enough for others” or “I had never been good enough for others”

    If the belief remains after blasting it, it's quite possible there is a larger, deeper belief associated with it.

    +++ Examples +++

    Everything is hard. You might blast this belief and still have some belief about it or it “comes back”. Usually this is because you have a larger belief about life or the world in general e.g. everything in life is hard, life is hard on me, the world is hard (on me), even “others are hard on me” (your parents, teachers, coaches, friends, women etc. look for a pattern of this). You might even have a stronger belief “The world/life is impossible” “others are impossible” perhaps if you lived in a household with very dysfunctional parents who were “impossible” (to deal with).

    Another example could be “I'm not good enough” often times people blast this several times but it remains. It's because they have a stronger belief “I'm never good enough” “It is impossible to be good enough” “I will never be good enough at anything” “I have to be good enough” reality is, you don't have to be good enough at anything! It's all an illusion and incorrect thinking.