Reply To: Belief Blasters


    Thank you Brian.

    I wonder if my situation is a bit special – I have tried looking for similar cases in this forum but haven't found any yet.

    I somehow believe that I am stuck in life due to religious trauma as well as a narcissistic parent 100% indoctrinated by religion and always wants to have her way with things. Her enforcing her religious beliefs on the family have caused lots of friction and unhappiness in our family relationships.

    I actually don't blame her – I know she had a difficult childhood and never had real affection from her parents and her mum was much more bitter and narcissistic a person who mentally controlled my auntie for 60 years.

    Anyway, my anger is at the Church and its teachings as well as the clergy who seem to enjoy using their version of religious doctrine to influence, brainwash, indoctrinate and misguide people.

    I don't know how to blast away all these deep religious beliefs and don't really know where to start too. I am partially angry at the clergy, but also forgiving of them, as they probably were brainwashed by other theologians/priests/bishops etc who are long dead.