Reply To: Belief Blasters


    Thank you Brian.

    I wonder if my situation is a bit special – I have tried looking for similar cases in this forum but haven't found any yet.

    I see the sense in what you are saying. It's unfortunate you were influenced by the negative beliefs and traumas of others that were out of your control. It must be difficult for you to deal with. You now have the ability and tools to overcome every last bit of it.

    These are normal feelings to experience for someone who has been afflicted with trauma. Common beliefs are  “nobody can understand my experience” “I'm different than other people” “My situation is special” and these are usually associated with some type of extreme betrayal trauma which generates profound anger as a result. If you have been exposed to a narcissistic parent/family member, I'm sure these ring true to you, in addition to “others violated my trust” and “others violated my respect”

    I somehow believe that I am stuck in life due to religious trauma as well as a narcissistic parent 100% indoctrinated by religion and always wants to have her way with things. Her enforcing her religious beliefs on the family have caused lots of friction and unhappiness in our family relationships.

    I actually don't blame her – I know she had a difficult childhood and never had real affection from her parents and her mum was much more bitter and narcissistic a person who mentally controlled my auntie for 60 years.

    Start right here:

    Anyway, my anger is at the Church and its teachings as well as the clergy who seem to enjoy using their version of religious doctrine to influence, brainwash, indoctrinate and misguide people.

    I don't know how to blast away all these deep religious beliefs and don't really know where to start too.

    And here:

    I am partially angry at the clergy, but also forgiving of them, as they probably were brainwashed by other theologians/priests/bishops etc who are long dead.

    Fire up the click tracks and neutralize all of your feelings associated with these items. You can speed this process up by using clicktracks 2015. Run the “wrapper track” on all of these memories and feelings and bundle them up into “one big ball” of feelings and clicktrack that big ball to a 1 or 0. Alternatively you can just use the free clicktracks if that is all you have. It's a good idea to also CT any upset or grief you have around this as well.

    If you post some of the thoughts you have here, we can offer some advice on the types of beliefs to blast.

    Thanks. Also a bigger hindrance and a major source of anxiety has been money. I seem to have had difficulties with business and personal cashflow in recent years, with more money going out than coming in. The difficulties in finances have made my life more anxious and I subconsciously attribute my difficulty in finances to my childhood and the trauma caused by my parents. This seems to be an interlocking cycle with my parents facing financial difficulties and requiring my financial assistance which I have been feeling guilty about not being able to assist in.

    The financial situation has been bad to the extent of a possible home sale, and I have been feeling even more anxious because of this as I am unable to find a new place to stay because of my finances. At the same time, I feel very unsettled in my life because I worry about whether the home will be sold anytime soon along with other worries such as a death of an elderly relative (in her 90s) now even though signs of death are not imminent.

    I've tried to blast away “Money isn't coming to me easily” but that doesn't seem to be working.

    I just want to go away , give up all my commitments here  and live overseas again. But have so much difficulties..

    Hopefully someone here can help me out with some more beliefs to blast away after understanding my situation.