Reply To: Belief Blasters

Brian Tucker

    Thanks. Also a bigger hindrance and a major source of anxiety has been money. I seem to have had difficulties with business and personal cashflow in recent years, with more money going out than coming in.

    I never have enough to survive
    I am always losing
    I am a loser
    I never have enough
    I am never successful
    I am a failure

    I don't have enough money to survive
    I am always losing money
    I never have enough money
    I'm never successful with money
    I am a failure with money

    The difficulties in finances have made my life more anxious and I subconsciously attribute my difficulty in finances to my childhood and the trauma caused by my parents. This seems to be an interlocking cycle with my parents facing financial difficulties and requiring my financial assistance which I have been feeling guilty about not being able to assist in.

    Finances are difficult
    It it my fault others didn't have enough
    It it my fault others didn't have enough money
    Everything is my fault
    It is always my fault

    The financial situation has been bad to the extent of a possible home sale, and I have been feeling even more anxious because of this as I am unable to find a new place to stay because of my finances.

    I won't be able to survive
    I will not survive
    I will never survive
    I will never make it
    I am losing everything
    I will lose everything

    At the same time, I feel very unsettled in my life because I worry about whether the home will be sold anytime soon

    Life is unsettling

    I will lose something

    along with other worries such as a death of an elderly relative (in her 90s) now even though signs of death are not imminent.

    I will lose someone I love
    I will lose someone important

    I've tried to blast away “Money isn't coming to me easily” but that doesn't seem to be working.

    I just want to go away , give up all my commitments here  and live overseas again. But have so much difficulties.

    The world is difficult
    The world is hard
    Life is difficult
    Life is hard
    I want to run away
    I want to give up
    I am hopeless to succeed
    I have no hope
    I am helpless to succeed
    I am unable to help myself
    I will never succeed
    It is impossible for me to succeed
    It is impossible for me to change
    It is impossible for me to change my situation
    I am unable to change my situation

    Hopefully someone here can help me out with some more beliefs to blast away after understanding my situation.

    Make sure when you blast these you think of every area of your life and REALLY feel the feelings associated with the belief and the memories as you run the track.