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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Shoutman,

    Thanks for your post and follow-up question:

    I have a follow up question which I think was tripping me up a bit.

    More about the wording structure not the belief itself as looking back on my list I've done this with a few beliefs.

    Take the belief: I don't deserve success

    Past tense: I didn't deserve success

    BUT as per the instructions you have to put the whole sentence in past tense so “deserve” would become “deserved”.

    But “I didn't deserved success” doesn't make sense so it would be:

    “I hadn't deserved success”

    I don't want to overthink things but as you said the instructions are very important so to clarify.

    The belief “I don't deserve success” would become “I hadn't deserved success”

    and NOT “I don't deserve success” as the whole sentence isn't in past tense.

    Is that correct?

    “I don't deserve success” becomes “I didn't deserve sucess” when put ìnto the past tense.

    You could also use “I hadn't deserved success.”

    The whole sentence approach applies to a belief like this:

    “If I make a mistake, I will be rejected”

    A good way to put this into the past tense would be “If I made a mistake, I was rejected” or “If I had made a mistake, I would have been rejected”… and NOT “If I made a mistake, I will be rejected” (a mix of past and future tense)

    I suggest that asking “what seems the best way to say this, so I know it is in the past?” is an effective way to handle this. There are other ways. Say it in a way that is natural to you, and as concisely as possible.

    Also, as an aside…what else would someone have to believe to hold a belief like “I don't deserve success”?

    Look for the “why?” underneath the beliefs. Think of all of your life experiences and the decisions yoh would have made about yourself, life and other people…based on those experiences.

    This will help bring up other beliefs that would be worth eliminating.

    Hope that helps, Shoutman.

    Best Regards,

    Paul  :)

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