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Brian Tucker

    Hey guys,

    Wondering if you can use BB for future fears and if so how would you structure it.


    Example if I had a fear that I would be lonely if I moved to a new city would you structure it like:

    I had been scared I would've been lonely if I moved to Sydney

    Too complex. Per the BB instructions, break the belief down to the core belief:

    I will be lonely (in past tense, would have been, this takes care of the future that you “will be”)
    Being alone is scary
    Change is scary
    Change is hard
    Moving is hard
    The future is scary
    I hate moving
    I hate change
    I hate meeting new people
    I hate being lonely


    I will now safely move to enjoy everything new
    It's safe for me to move now because change is effortless
    I will make changes to have a better life now
    I am moving to better my life as I find wonderful people
    I am excited to move and enjoy wonderful changes now
    When I move my life will change safely for the better
    Everything about my moving experience is good and positive now
    I am definitely moving to Sydney now as I happily say goodbye”


    I had been lonely in Sydney

    Just wondering the best way to tackle.

    Any help appreciated :)