Reply To: Cant stay focused when I listen to Tim.

Paul McCabe
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    Hi Johan,

    Thanks for your follow-up post.

    Please keep us updated.

    My sincere apologies, as I missed your question:

    Maybe I could have use for a few more if you got any left :)
    Also a question about the first one. I dont really understand pain.. can there be some kind of pain blocking my ability to focus.

    There could be some pain you have associated with focusing. Therefore, not focusing or not allowing yourself to feel could be a strategy.

    Try these additional BBs to see if they resonate:

    “Focusing on the pain was dangerous”
    “I had to avoid my bad feelings”
    “Focusing was beyond me”
    “It was not OK to let go of bad feelings”

    Hope this is helpful, Johan

    Again, please update the thread with your progress and any additional questions.

    Paul  :)

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