Reply To: Overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin untangling ‘life’

Paul McCabe
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    Hi Ammy,

    Thanks for posting.

    I appreciate you sharing and can assure you that many other people will identify with what you have written.

    Some people feel things very profoundly, while other people have difficulty getting in touch with their feelings. Many people fluctuate between the two.

    So, let's go with:

    – How do you know you have a problem? (Is it a feeling, thoughts etc.?)

    -What does it feel like to be seized up?

    Get in touch with that and, by seeing if you can identify specific times these feelings have shown up, you can CT the feelings.

    You can also CT the feelings as you are experiencing them. You can then point those feelings towards specific memories. Doing so will provide some relief.

    Also, see if the following beliefs resonate with you:

    “Life was difficult”
    “I was flawed”
    “Everything was too much”
    “I couldn't handle living like this”
    “I had to avoid my painful feelings”
    “I was not OK”
    “It was not acceptable to be like me”
    “Change was impossible”
    “Nothing worked for me”
    “I was separate”
    “I was alone”
    “Nobody understood me”
    “There was something wrong with me”

    If so, please run these through the Belief Blasters.

    I think this would be a good place to start, so please let us know how you get on.

    Kind Regards,

    Paul  :)

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