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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Johan,

    Thanks for your message.

    I apologise for the late reply.

    I just saw this now, as the forum has been migrated and was thus inaccessible.

    With regards to your with focusing on the tracks, it is absolutely not unusual. Some people fall asleep when listening to hypnosis tracks, and others have reported that they find it difficult to focus on the Click Tracks.

    So, no, you are absolutely not a lost cause – in any way, shape or form.

    In practical terms, please use the tracks when you are MORE focused (and less likely to be distracted) and try hard to focus consciously on what you have to do during the track.

    If you find that focus is a problem, in general, you could also look at dietary and lifestyle choices. For instance, are you getting quality sleep and nutrition?

    A deficiency will impact concentration and focus.

    If you are having a problem focusing on cognitive tasks, I have personally found that certain brainwave entrainment tracks can prove highly beneficial. Please email me if you would like any recommendations.

    I hope this is helpful, Johan.

    Kind Regards,






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