Reply To: Major Belief Change Steps

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Scott!
    Mahalo Brian!

    Here’s one I usually start people off with depending upon their current mind model.
    If you can be a bit “snarky” or defiant, use that characteristic with this suggestion…

    “I don’t care what others think of me”

    It’s a great transition to “Others do not define who and what I am”
    Notice this one has no defensiveness to it, but “I don’t care…” does have a bit of that and that’s ok to get started and then transition later to something more “matter of fact.”

    Some other thoughts around your PP…
    “I live my life without concern for what others think of me”

    1. … soften it …

      “I can … or … I will … or … It’s possible for me to …
      … live my life without concern for what others think of me”

      Find a softened version that is more acceptable and then use that until it’s an absolute “10” true for you and then graduate up to “I live…”  which is actually an absolute “I am …” statement.

    2. Look at why “it isn’t sticking” … ask “Why?”
      There may be emotional memories that are blocking that or other beliefs that are more at the core of why it’s not acceptable.
    3. And one last tool that may help… There is a hypnotic track in PSTEC Basic Mentoring …
      “Others Do Not Define Who and What I Am”