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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for your post.

    As with all of the PSTEC tools, there are many ways to tackle this, so what I propose here is by no means exhaustive or definitive.

    Firstly, do you tend to encounter problems visualising, or is this unique to the Quantum Turbo tracks?

    If, for instance, you hear about the famous “Hollywood” sign, how do you represent that in your mind? Do you “see” the letters/word, or do you just get a feeling, or do you hear the word?

    As long as you do your best to imagine the words, that is usually sufficicent for the tracks to work. Of course, please ensure you do the other things too: ensure the suggestion is positively attuned, and mouth the words of the suggestion, verbally emphasising the power word each time.

    I have worked with people who are not primarily visual and Quantum Turbo still works very effectively. This is because there are so many psychological elements baked into the tracks that they can compensate for occasional “user error” (which is perfectly OK) and when the tracks have not been followed 100% as per the instructions.

    Crucially, make sure the suggestions you use are about 7-12 words in length and that they both resonate and are believable to you.  This is not a blanket rule, by the way. It can definitely help, however.

    Due to their power, the Quantum Turbo tracks can still bypass “believability”, so play about with this and see it as an experiment. Some suggestions will absolutely “sing” to you, and they may even be “softer” suggestions (e. g. “Maybe I can be very productive today” might resonate more than “Today I will be super-motivated and productive”)

    I just find that even well-crafted suggestions can be fine-tuned to be more personal, impactful and resonant.

    You could also craft a suggestion that allows you to immediately see the power of the tracks.

    Something like:

    “When I use Quantum Turbo, I visualise words so much easier now”


    “After using this Quantum Turbo, I feel a surge of positive energy”


    “I am now starting to feel calmer than before now”

    If you are comfortable sharing some of the suggestions you have already crafted (and run through the PQTs), we could perhaps offer some pointers too, as it could also be helpful for the other forum users.

    I hope this has been helpful.

    I look forward to hearing from you, Daniel.

    Kind Regards,


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