Reply To: Words Are Not Clear

Daniel Wynn

    Hi Paul

    Yes visualisation has been an issue before. The words are there very faintly, but not clear enough. Longer words are even harder for me to see. I spend a while trying to imagine the word in front of me and caught up in that, even more so with longer more complex words.

    With the “Hollywood” sign I think I would just see it in my mind, and hear it too maybe?

    I think I am probably a more “feeling” sort of person, I am always thinking of the ground under my feet, and always going with intuition and my gut.

    I started mouthing the words out to the suggestion, and in my head imagined screaming it out as loud and long as I could until I was almost out of breath. I just kept doing it and it seems to have made more of an impact so I’ll probably continue that way. It also helps that I have feeling with the suggestion, even if its not particularly wholesome or whatever. Just the feeling of how good it would feel for this to actually be true, gives me excitement etc which in turn helps as I am mouthing the words I think. Sometimes It’s like a feeling of determination, that what I am saying will become true for me, and I also think that helps too.

    I tried doing the suggestions like that before.

    I did things like “From now on I see words clearly in my mind” and “The more I use Quantum Turbo the clearer words become” I did try loads of different variations like that in the past but it never really became sustainable.

    Thanks, Daniel