Reply To: Overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin untangling ‘life’

Leo Molina

    As most of us experienced persons (i.e. of a certain age) have realized, life is a complicated business. As we accumulate experiences it becomes harder to remember “a beginning”. It is like the knitting wool that the cat unraveled.

    What to do? Having spent a great part of my life teaching IT (that’s a tangle) I found that some applications are useful, especially the visual ones like Mind Mapping. These apps allow you to start anywhere and as you see the “panorama of your life evolve”, and the more you use PSTEC click tracts it my help you decide what needs attention now. First rule of “survival”: First you stop whatever is causing the most harm right now, otherwise the rest will be academic.

    Not to sound militaristic: but a WW2 general, upon finding themselves in the wrong location said: We start this war from right here!

    A link of mind mapping apps:

    So, start! All the best wishes and be safe.