Reply To: Anxiety Spike after positive quantum turbo

Tim McCloskey

    Hi Paul

    Thank you for your reply. I did try click tracks in the moment, but I had descended into full panic mode at that point and it wouldn’t shift, so I spent a few days deep breathing until my system had calmed down again.

    The statement I used was something like “no matter what happens I will be calm”. Quite broad but one would think “safe”. I do suffer with OCD and it is 100% to do with safety, although enormously diminished since using PSTEC, I believe it was that aspect that kicked in as it does so when under high stress which I am currently. The statements above that resonate would be I was not safe or I couldn’t cope, although I blasted the first one previously. Would it take a few rounds?

    If you have any pointers in this regard for OCD, for the belief blasters I would be grateful as the only thing I can remember from childhood is performing hand washing as I’d feel something was “bad luck”

    Thank you for your help